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Assessment Interview

Finding good care starts with good research. In order to achieve the best results ask yourself or your loved one such a question. Which services are prioritized since absolutely required, and which you would like to add as personal preferences.

I need Personal Support Worker's help

Happy Future's experts would be happy to assist you with our professional recommendations. We will tailor our services accordingly to your individual needs and as a result will be very beneficial for you.

Our experience shows the importance of such method, since every person has different needs and wants.

During our meeting we will make an assessment in order to review in details a few specific care options.

Assessment Interview

In order to effectively evaluate your situation, our professional assessor will conduct an in-depth analysis of you or your relative or friend lifestyle and essential requirements. We will arrange a meeting together and mutually define the scope of work care.

Throughout the meeting, we explicate the existing services in detail, respond to any additional questions, and help with the vital care choices faced by a family with a loved one in need.

Topics covered
  • Day-to-day procedures
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Respite
  • Health
  • Medication
  • Nutrition
  • Costs
  • Matching with proper caregivers

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