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Respite Care

As people go through different cycles of life they are facing up situations such as aging parents. Moreover, often unexpectedly for them disability, car accident or illnesses in the family may occur. In those circumstances the family members who dedicate themselves in taking care of their elder relatives or a disabled involved in process as a caregiver.

I need Personal Support Worker's help

Caring for a loved one can be a worthwhile practice, but intense or long-term care can impact caregiver's health. This is especially tough if person never provided caregiving help before. In particular mutual cases caregivers experiencing social isolation, financial pressure, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of sleep and physical exercise, and in some cases even depression.

Respite care is a service which provides relief caregiving relief while you away. Even if you care about your loved one it is essential to have a break from time to time.

A personal support worker or health care professional (e.g. nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist) will provide the following services:

  • personal support (e.g. oral care, bathing, dressing, assistance with medications, mobility)
  • homemaking (e.g. cleaning, laundry, preparing meals)
  • professional (e.g. nursing, physiotherapy)

Remember respite is not luxury it is vital necessity. Respite care is an ideal solution for providing your loved one with tailored care in a safe , nurturing atmosphere with professional staff to support all their needs.Respite can also bring the perfect opportunity to try out assisted living before making long term commitment.

Some important advices for caregiver have to keep in mind for stress management provided below:

  • Remember for an importance to give yourself a break and take time out
  • Maintain a healthy way of life by eating proper nutrition's
  • Work out on a daily basis
  • Join a support group
  • Explore about variety of home care support options
  • Be properly educated on your loved one's condition
  • Stay socially involved in order to reduce isolation

Basic checklist for signs which is recommended to pay attention to:

  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Mood swings
  • Memory loss
  • Balance difficulties
  • Mobility difficulties

Choosing a quality home healthcare provider can be confusing and time-consuming. We are pleased to provide you with an overview of questions and checklist that will assist you in this important decision.

General Questions
  • What kinds of services do you provide?
  • What type of training has your staff received?
  • How do you ensure the quality of your service?
  • How do you evaluate your skills and abilities?
  • How long have you done this sort of work?
  • Do you provide a personalized care plan, highlighting the specific duties my caregiver will perform?
  • Will you consult regularly with my doctor or family members regarding my care plan, if I wish?
  • Will my caregiver be supervised by a nurse?
  • Do you provide a complete list of the services you provide as well as their prices?
  • Will you assist me in investigating funding options for my care?
  • Will you help me submit my claims to my insurance company?
  • Do you have a Quality Assurance method or program?
  • Do you provide all financial arrangements in writing, with a copy for me?
  • Do you provide services and answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • Do you ensure that your staff are bonded, insured and professionally licensed or certified?
  • Do you pay CPP, EI and Workers' Compensation for the staff that come to my home?
  • Will you ensure my caregiver matches my needs, and provide a replacement if they do not?

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