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Besides the treatment at injuries during road accident, very important role is played by rehabilitation.

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The road accident is very serious and unpleasant situation, from which nobody can be insured. Regrettably, the number of road accident every year is an immense. The big segments of victims are wounded. However, some people can get off with slight injuries and a fright, while the others can get disabled for the rest of their lives. Most often, after the road accident injuries of the head and backbones are frequently met. These injuries can be both opened, and closed. The condition of the patient after road accident depends on degree of a lesion of the head or a backbone, and also on existence of the accompanying injuries – fractures and internal injuries.

Besides the treatment of injuries during road accident, the rehabilitation of such patients plays very important role as well.

Moreover, at a certain stage after treatment it is very important to help person to get back into the habitual stream.

Besides the restoration of the physical abilities the psychological rehabilitation plays very essential role as well.

Rehabilitation is a complex of long special events referred on restoration of the lost functions. The methods used by doctors , medical psychologists and clinical linguists are of nervous cells and development of the main functions of the central nervous system (the movement, behavior, the speech).

Rehabilitation after car accident is referred on restoration of motive functions at the patient that he could sit down, to rise, go, etc., could serve itself in the household plan.

Modern rehabilitation involves with the patient the whole team of the experts.

We can offer extended health care services:
  • Naturopath ( link)
  • Massage Therapist ( link)
  • Osteopath
  • Acupuncture
  • Psychologist
  • Physiotherapy
  • Colonic Irrigation
  • Blood test under microscope

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